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Julia ​BOZICH - general manager shorthaul

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Brief summary of what you do:
My team and I negotiate all the package deals to Australia, Fiji, Cook Islands and Bali then work closely with the House of Travel Marketing team to advertise them.  We spend time in the destinations meeting with suppliers and understanding the opportunities each market offer Kiwi travellers.  It’s a dynamic and exciting role within an amazing industry. 

What’s the best thing about working in the travel industry?
It’s all about travelling!  No matter what role you have, in some way you are helping people to experience new destinations and explore the world which offers so much variety.

How long have you worked for HOT?:
12 years

2000-2002 – House of Travel Wellington as a Travel Consultant.
2002-2004 – Calder & Lawson House of Travel as a Travel Consultant
2004-2005 – House of Travel Marketing Co-ordinator
2005-2006 – Team Leader for Travelplan Holidays, the wholesale division of House of Travel
2006-2008 – Destination Manager UK/Europe
2008-2009 – Destination Manager UK/Europe & Asia
2009-2011 – Long-haul Manager
2011-2012 – Destination Manager - Australia
2012-2015 – GM Short-haul
2015-current GM Tactical Sales 

Why do you like working for HOT?:
The overall ethos and culture of the company and the opportunities that have come my way which have allowed me to grow and develop professionally through a variety of roles.

Favourite Holiday Destination?
I don’t tend to travel to the same place twice, there are too many new and exciting places to visit.  I also think there is a difference between a holiday where you just relax and unwind and travelling where you are getting out and about exploring and experiencing new places.  A couple of highlights would definitely be Africa, Greece and Croatia.  I think the most memorable and rewarding travel experiences are ones that challenge your comfort zones. 

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