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HOT ​vision, purpose & values

HOT ​vision

“House of Travel will be recognised by all Kiwis for creating better travel experiences than they can do themselves or through anyone else.”

We will achieve the HOT vision by:
•    Consistently giving you the best products and service at the best price.
•    Allowing you to book your travel how and when you want.
•    Using our combined buying power to access outstanding deals for you.
•    Maintaining a company culture that values customer service, fun, and passion for travel.
•    Ensuring you benefit from the highest staff training standards in the travel industry.
•    Providing you with the latest and most reliable travel information and booking systems in the travel industry so House of Travel can help facilitate your DIY bookings.  
•    Making sure that the fun and excitement of travel begins with us.

HOT ​purpose

“To enrich people’s lives through travel.”

At HOT, we’re all about helping you to relish every moment of your travel experience. We achieve this by:
•    Employing “travel nuts” - fun people with a depth of talent and a passion for travel that challenges the status quo.
•    Always taking the customers’ needs seriously.
•    Building long-term strong partnerships with our suppliers which are mutually beneficial.
•    Being part of the communities within which we operate.
•    Having a strong positive culture as the founding stone on which to continue to build a very successful business.

HOT ​values

“Act with integrity, operate as one, no bullshit and the customer comes first”

HOTTIES are genuine and down-to earth travel fanatics, who are committed to:
•    Being upfront, open and honest.
•    Ensuring our customers’ needs always come first.
•    Maintaining independence – so we act as the consumer's advocate.
•    Being committed to a partnership with our suppliers and customers.
•    Being proactive and creative – so our customers are kept informed about the special products and services we have to offer.
•    Doing the basics brilliantly so we tell it how it is, move with pace and get things done.