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At House of Travel, we strive to create the best holiday for you at the best value – that’s our service guarantee

House of Travel best of both worlds

We understand everyone has different travel needs and that’s why we love it when you bring your ideas to us because together, with our experience and local knowledge, we can create the perfect holiday at the perfect time for you.

We use the same travel sites you do, like Expedia, and many more that you can’t access. Plus, we have direct relationships with airlines and hotels around the world, which gives us extra buying power. We combine this with our expertise and negotiating skills to deliver some of the best deals and bonuses on offer that you might miss if you booked yourself. So, we promise to truly deliver the best of both worlds and that’s our guarantee.

We’ve helped create enriching travel experiences for 1.8 million New Zealanders over the last thirty years. We understand that it isn’t just the place you go, it’s where that place takes you. 

The best holiday for you

What this means:

  • We’ll combine your ideas with our experience and expertise to deliver you the best holiday possible.
  • We’ve got your back 24/7 from the moment you contact us until you’re home again.
  • We value your feedback on your last HOT holiday, so we can make your next trip even better.

At the best value

What this means:

  • We’re committed to providing the holiday you want at the very best value possible.
  • We promise to utilise all our buying power to search out a great price for your holiday.
  • We know value means different things to different people, so we take the time to understand what’s important to you.

✓ we’ve got your back with 24/7 CUSTOMER CARE while you travel

✓ we take time to UNDERSTAND what’s important to you

✓ we use our buying power to get you the BEST VALUE HOLIDAY

Here's what our
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94% of customers who book with House of Travel rate us 5/5

HOT Culture


Proudly Kiwi owned and operated, with over 70 stores dotted across both islands, HOTTIES are genuine and down-to earth travel fanatics with a passion for creating the best holidays for you. 
We strive to develop relationships in both the communities we operate and between every consultant and client, so together - with your dreams and our knowledge - we can create the best holidays!








    ​Commitment to our people

“House of Travel will be recognised by all Kiwis for creating better travel experiences than they can do themselves or through anyone else.” We will achieve the HOT vision by: • Consistently giving you the best products and service at the best price. • Allowing you to book your travel how and when you want. • Using our combined buying power to access outstanding deals for you. • Maintaining a company culture that values customer service, fun, and passion for travel. • Ensuring you benefit from the highest staff training standards in the travel industry. • Providing you with the latest and most reliable travel information and booking systems in the travel industry so House of Travel can help facilitate your DIY bookings. • Making sure that the fun and excitement of travel begins with us.

“To enrich people’s lives through travel.” At HOT, we’re all about helping you to relish every moment of your travel experience. We achieve this by: • Employing “travel nuts” - fun people with a depth of talent and a passion for travel that challenges the status quo. • Always taking the customers’ needs seriously. • Building long-term strong partnerships with our suppliers which are mutually beneficial. • Being part of the communities within which we operate. • Having a strong positive culture as the founding stone on which to continue to build a very successful business.

“Act with integrity, operate as one, no bullshit and the customer comes first” HOTTIES are genuine and down-to earth travel fanatics, who are committed to: • Being upfront, open and honest. • Ensuring our customers’ needs always come first. • Maintaining independence – so we act as the consumer's advocate. • Being committed to a partnership with our suppliers and customers. • Being proactive and creative – so our customers are kept informed about the special products and services we have to offer. • Doing the basics brilliantly so we tell it how it is, move with pace and get things done.

“We will encourage all employees to learn and grow, both in their roles and as individuals. As a consequence of your career at HOT, you will grow to be a better person” We’ll make sure you continue to grow professionally by aiming to be: • An employer of choice.
• An awesome place to work.
• A nurturer, developer and retainer of great people.
• The number one travel brand in the market.
• Balanced – we encourage our employees to have fun while you’re working. House of Travel is dedicated to the personal development of each and every one of our HOTTIES.

HOT figures

Active Hotties


At HOT we believe it is important to maintain a happy and healthy lifestyle (when we are not eating cake!) and quite a few of our HOTTIES not only work together, but also train together.

Across the country we have HOTTIES who compete in triathlons, mountain and road biking, touch rugby, netball and marathons in Auckland, Christchurch, Rotorua and even New York! We actively encourage our teams to participate, but if this is not your thing, then that’s OK!

HOT has a national agreement with Les Mills to keep those of us that want to keep in shape the help and tools we need to do so.

Awards & Sponsorship


As House of Travel team members, we love being a part of the HOT family, and we think we are in the BEST travel business in New Zealand. But what do others think of us? Well, as it turns out, pretty much the same! See a list of our awards below.

TAANZ National Travel Industry Awards

The Travel Agents Association of New Zealand and their annual awards are 'the Oscars' of the travel industry, and we're the very proud recipients of the Best Travel Agency Brand for the last ​five years running, as well as having some of the best stores and consultants around! Check out our awards...

TAANZ National Travel Industry Awards timeline




  • Best Travel Agency Brand - House of Travel
  • Best Brand Corporate Multi Location - Orbit World Travel
  • Best Travel Consultant Retail - Tony Jackson House of Travel Newmarket
  • Best Travel Consultant Corporate - Paul Johnson Orbit World Travel Calder & Lawson
  • Best Travel Agency Manager Corporate - Megan Sewell Orbit World Travel Wellington


  • Best Travel Agency Brand - House of Travel
  • Best Travel Retail, Single Location - House of Travel Northlands
  • Best Travel Consultant, Retail - Judy Harkness, Calder and Lawson House of Travel, Hamilton
  • Best Travel Consultant Corporate - Paul Johnson Orbit World Travel Calder & Lawson
  • Best Travel Agency Manager, Retail - Clare Jackson, House of Travel Newmarket


  • Best Travel Agency Brand - House of Travel
  • Best Travel Retail, Single Location - House of Travel Newmarket
  • Best Travel Agency Manager, Corporate - Paul Rennie, Orbit Corporate Travel

2013 (at AFTA, Australaisa Federation of Travel Agents)

  • Best Travel Agency Retail, Multi Location - House of Travel
  • Best Travel Agency Retail, Single Location - House of Travel Lakers, Invercargill
  • Best Travel Agency Corporate, Multi Location - Orbit Corporate Travel

MARK-2258 Randstad Awards 2017_RGB

Randstad Awards: we aim to be fantastic employers for our staff, and we’re achieving it!

At House of Travel, we are travel nuts! But “How Kiwis see the World” is not the only thing that makes us excited, we’re also passionate about our customers, our teams, our communities; and having fun!

House of Travel has been named one of New Zealand’s Most Attractive Employers in the Randstad Award for 2017. In fact, HOT have placed in the top 20 since 2012, which is something we’re incredibly proud of. 


Hospice New Zealand

House of Travel and Hospice New Zealand have been national partners for more than 10 years; an association that we are extremely proud of, and which continues to go from strength to strength.

Over the past decade, House of Travel stores throughout the country have supported their local hospices in ways as diverse as their communities; raising both funds and awareness and helping to educate the public about the services hospice provides. The partnership also provides unique character and team-building opportunities for House of Travel teams.

House of Travel CEO Mark O’Donnell says, “The work Hospice does to provide physical and emotional care for people with life limiting illnesses and their families is close to all of our hearts.”

House of Travel is fiercely proud to be New Zealand owned and operated. We understand New Zealanders and take great pride in the contribution we make to this country and Hospice New Zealand. We are committed to the communities which House of Travel stores and local hospice partners are located in. 

Elephant Hills

World Animal Protection 

House of Travel is proud to have signed World Animal Protection’s elephant-friendly tourism pledge in early 2017. This makes House of Travel the largest New Zealand travel agency to commit not to sell, offer or promote venues or activities involving elephant rides and shows.

Wildlife can be part of the experience of travel, much like food and culture, but it can be hard for tourists to know what is happening to animals at tourist attractions behind closed doors.