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Adventure Seeking in Samoa

Savai'i Samoa
Savai'i Samoa

Adventure Seeking in Samoa

story by: Mike Williams

There’s only one thing most of us want to do when we go to a place like Samoa... nothing! However, some people simply can’t relax on the beach or by the pool for too long without going stir crazy. Others like to mix up their holiday of indulgence with a little activity between siestas. Fortunately, Samoa can offer the best of both worlds, from relaxation and pampering to adventure and excitement. 

You may have heard people gush about the relaxing holiday in Samoa, but the island nation is also an aquatic wonderland, so be sure to take your togs.

Swimming with Turtles, Snorkelling and Diving
Of course, Samoa has extraordinary diving and snorkelling. Whatever your comfort level in the water, there is an opportunity for an aquatic adventure in Samoa. Some resorts have decent spots right on their doorstep, but many people take a charter tour to an outer reef.

Gone swimming with any endangered prehistoric creatures lately? Check out the wetlands sanctuary at Satoalepai village in Savaii and go for a dip with some magnificent Green Sea Turtles. You might see even see some amongst all the other marine life when you are out on a dive.

Go Golfing, Pacific Island Style
There are some beautiful golf courses around the world, but how many of them feature postcard views of breathtakingly blue ocean and lagoons, white sand beaches, coconut groves and even rainforest? Le Penina Golf Course is an 18 hole, par 72 course on island of Upolu, next to Aggie Grey’s Lagoon and Beach Resort and the airport. It might not be the most adventurous of activities, but whether you are a novice or a self-proclaimed golf pro, it is a stunning way to stretch the legs between cocktails and siestas.

Samoa is a hidden gem when it comes to surfing, right up there in terms of quality with Indonesia, but without the crowds. Samoa gets waves all year around, especially the south shores of Upolu and Savaii while the North shores of those islands are best in summer. A Samoa surfing experience can be anything from getting surf lessons, taking a daily surf charter, or even booking surf-specific accommodation where you can get from your bed to wave in a couple of minutes.

Game Fishing
Even the most cynical about the excitement value of a fishing trip will reconsider their opinion once they are trying to haul in a 50kg Yellowfin Tuna or 200kg Blue Marlin. Day charters are available or enthusiasts can even go out for days at a time, living on the boat and scouring Samoa’s most secluded waters for the perfect catch. 

Cycle the Island
Cycling is a great way to leisurely explore Samoa, whether you are an enthusiast shipping over your own bike or just want to hire a bike and take off with your togs and a map and go exploring for a day. Guided cycling tours are also popular.

Sure, hiring a rental car and driving around the island may not sound like an adrenaline-filled adventure to most people, but that’s probably because they have never driven in Samoa! You’ll not only explore all the nooks of your island in search of the perfect secluded picnic spot but you’ll stay alert circumventing potholes, test your orientation skills trying not to get lost and get your heart racing avoiding oncoming cars as they overtake around corners.

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