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Experience Fiji

Fiji, Pacific Islands
Fiji, Pacific Islands
Fiji, Pacific Islands
Fiji, Pacific Islands

Experience Fiji

story by: Inspire Fiji

The sun overhead is beaming down from a cloudless blue sky, a gentle breeze is rippling the sparkling warm water and your second piña colada is lulling you into a gentle doze. There’s a faint scent of frangipani blossom in the air, and your only concern is whether you can get away with possibly having fresh fish for dinner one more time without turning into one yourself.

It’s all so clichéd, isn't it... But the funny thing about clichés is that they’re accurate. And Fiji is indeed a cliché, in all the best ways. The water really does sparkle when that tropical sun is shining, and it really is that easy to slip into a daily routine that requires very little grey matter.

We’re so spoilt that these are the things we take for granted on a Fijian holiday. What makes a holiday in Fiji truly special, however, are the unexpected moments: watching your kids playing with their new Fijian friends on a visit to a local village, the sticky feel of fresh mango juice running down your chin at a roadside stall, the sudden stop to allow chickens and cows to enforce their right of way over buses and trucks – these are the experiences that truly add colour to your holiday.

Get out of your resort and venture a little further afield – try the local cuisine, trawl the shops in Nadi, hire a car and explore the coastline. Whether it’s your first visit or just your first this year, if you keep your eyes and heart open, Fiji will reward you with a holiday that’s everything you expected and so much more.

Fast Facts:
CURRENCY: Fiji Dollar
TIME ZONE: Same as New Zealand
ELECTRICITY: Current is 240V, 50HZ Plug is a 3 point rectangle-pin adaptor

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