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Mum Wears Prada persona by Mum Wears Prada | 06 May 2011
Thank god schools have gone back! Don’t get me wrong, I love my wee ones, but having a couple of wet days thrown together with needing to entertain an 11 year old, an 8 year old and the always active 3 year old – it’s enough to drive a late 30something mum to the drink. Oh wait – that happened years ago... oh well, cin cin!

So over a wine or 3 with the girls, we got to discussing the ins and outs of travelling with young kids (several of us have under 5’s).  It sounds quite simple, but really, there is a bit of an art to it if you don’t want to carry 10 bags and a 3 year old who has eaten nothing but lollies for 10 hours straight. 

Here’s my first tip for mums travelling with kids: The Trunki!  I don’t know who invented the Trunki (though I’m sure if I Google it, I’ll be instantly enlightened) but if you’ve got a child under 4, the Trunki is a must-have purchase. A Trunki for the uneducated is a small, hard ride-on suitcase in the form of your favourite animal (ours is a tiger.) You sit your wee one on top of it, and pull them along behind you – much like a small bike.  This leaves your arms free, meaning you don’t have to carry all the kid’s books, toys and snacks that you’ve planned to keep them entertained, because they go inside the Trunki -brilliant! And of course, it’s fun to play with too.

A Trunki will set you back around $100 - $150, but I can assure you they are well worth the purchase. You can pick them up in most airports, or I’m sure Trade Me has them for sale as well. 

Feel free to post any questions about travelling with kids below. I’m happy to pass on some of our solutions that we’ve cobbled together over our years of plane hopping!
Stay tuned for more of my tips...


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